Saturday, January 9, 2016

Mirax 20 Gallon Diesel Tank Removed

August/September 2015
Removal of the original Mirax 20 Gallon Aluminum Diesel Tank

Skyline Haul out and Storage

June, 2015
Skyline Marina, Anacortes, WA - Haul Out

Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Danfoss compressor Service and Evaporator Replacement

April 2014

Old Evaporator Box

Vacuuming and Recharging with R134a

New Evaporator Box, Thermostat and frosty conditions

Raritan PHRKII Toliet rebuild

July 2014

After noticing some leaky and not so smooth action of the Raritan PHRKII Toilet, I decided to take it off the boat and do an overhaul with the rebuild kit. 

Lots of cleaning

Closure view of the old Pump Seals

Getting some of the Lower New Seals positioned.  Lubed all seals and stop values.

Saturday, June 7, 2014

Thursday, May 8, 2014

Primary Chainlocker rebuild

Over the winter months of 2014, I took the ground tackle out of the forward locker to inspect the floor of the compartment. As I thought, the original steel cleat for the ground tackle had mostly rusted out.   

Despite the rusty mess, the glassed in wood floor was completely solid.

I wanted to replace a Trim piece of 3"x18" painted wood near the top of the bulkhead that separated the chain locker from the forward berth.  The bulkhead itself was solid with no rot, so this would be a simple replace

New Glass and 3 layers of bi-axial Cloth that I left over from the Chainplate Knee replacement last year. 
New Teak Trim trim piece epoxied, a bit of 5200 and some larger bolts.

Starboard side of locker: Access to fresh water tank vent and electrical wiring for the Windlass.  I'll replace the old wood cover plate with a Starboard material.


The old tanks were nearing their expiration date, so I wanted to replace them this year.  The propane locker dimensions limited my options with aluminum tanks, so I decide to go with two 1.2lb steel tanks. Three coats of epoxy paint and rubber pads on the bottom should protect the bottoms from getting dinged up. 

Repainted the propane locker bottom with Epoxy Appliance Paint

I decided to service the burners.  Disassembled the burners and gas leads and cleaned them all out